Angelo Elefafante was born in 1952, near Naples, in Italy.
After a bachelor’s degree of Arts and Theatre, he starts to work in the field of graphic art and advertising in Italy and France. At the same time he paints  large convases deeply influenced by surrealist Masters as Dalì, Ernst or Magritte.

In 1979 he permanently settles in Paris and he decorates many restaurants with frescos and “trompe-l’oeil” (he has mastery of varios techniques: from oil-paiting to watercolor and he is able to reproduce ancient styles of painting). As many artists he goes through a period of existentialist quest that leads him to take interest in oriental philosophys and Hatha-Yoga. After few months of practice he notices that not only his body feels fabulous but is touched in an emotional and spiritual way as well, so he decides to diffuse this powerfull discipline teaching it to the others.

In december 1984 he starts a long trip to India where he meets yogis, spiritual instructors and ayurvedic practitioners; he also learns the techniques of ancient mural paintings in the temples of South India. This trip is a milestone in his life. When he comes back to Paris he begins to phase out his painter carrer in order to study yoga fulltime and since then he attends a variety of yoga schools over the years, in Europe and India, that’s why his style of teaching is based on the Sivananda Integral Yoga with influences from Iyengar system and Ayurvedic Therapy.

Today he divides his life between India and France, where he gives workshops and retreats of yoga and vegeterian and ayurvedic cooking classes.