This is an easy warm-up, among others,to prepare our body before a classe of asanas.

In the (I) we have eyes exercices because when eyes are relaxed also nape,neck and others muscles in the torso are relaxed.In the first,without move our head,we look alternately on the right and left side, 15 to 30 movements.
In the second we look up and down. In third we describe a circle in the space,slowly and after we can increase the speed,4-5 circles on the right,4-5 on the left. After we squeeze strongly our eyelids in order to give a massage to the eyes.
In (II) same principle:in A we touch the shoulder with corresponding ear,slowly,checking for possible tensions in the neck or nape or shoulders. In B we describe a circle with the chin touching the chest and shoulders,inhale up,exhale down.

In (III) circles with elbows,we really push our elblows behind the shoulders opening the rib cage and chest.Inhale up exhale down,change direction after 5 circles.
In (IV) is the cat stretch:we inhale opening our face to the sky, starting from the sacrum we move the spine vertebra after vertebra and make an arch in the low back; when we exhale we make a bridge with our back pushing on our hands,arms straight,head down,chin to the chest.Minimum 5 times.
In (V) we press the tighs against our abdomen and chest,concentration is in the massage on our abdominal and inner organs when we inhale deeply.After single mouvements(5 breaths)on the right and left legs we do the same with both legs.

After short relaxation we start a series of Sun Salutations(Surya Namaskar) according with our regular practice and we are ready for asanas. Have good practice!